Covenant House Sleep Out: Executive Edition

Covenant House

Giving back to the community has always been a part of the Cushman & Wakefield fabric.  As an organization we know the importance of helping those who are less fortunate – especially those that are close to home. Hendrik Zessel, Senior Managing Director of our Vancouver office has been a proud supporter of the Covenant House and this year has decided to participate in– sparked by a challenge from a client-  the Covenant House Sleep Out To Support Homeless Youth challenge.   On November 19 Hendrik will sleep outdoors with no reprieve from the cold Canadian winter along with many other c-suite executives, senior executives and public figures to bring awareness to this problem.

Homelessness is something that no matter where we live we can’t avoid.  It’s a heartbreaking reality of today’s society and an important issue we can’t ignore.  Many of the youth who make their way through the doors of the Covenant House have had to endure cruel life circumstances on the pitiless streets of Vancouver before they finally find hope. They are welcomed with open arms to begin their journey of leaving their life on the streets behind them for good.

Hendrik encourages all his colleagues throughout the organization to jump on board this cause either through participating in their own communities or contributing to this cause.

Learn more about the event and the cause

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